Nameplate for partnership on the History of Science with Germany MPIWG Max Planck Institute unveiled2017-06-03

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    The CNU held the opening ceremony for partnership on the History of Science with the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science (MPIWG) on June 1, 2017 (meaning not very clear-please check partnership between which two parties?) and hosted the MPIWG crew led by Jürgen Renn, Director of the Department of Culture and Social Science and Director of the Institute of the History of Science.

    Gong Huili gave a warm welcome to the MPIWG crew on behalf of the University. He pointed that this is the first MPIWG partnership in China which is not led by an Academy of Science and has great significance in the development of the history of science in the CNU. He wished for the partnership to be a grand success.

    Jürgen Renn acknowledged the warm reception and support. He expected that it would serve as the bridge for the history of Physics and Modern Physics, Chinese and Western Sciences.

    Gong Huili unveiled the nameplate for the partnership together with Jürgen Renn.