CNU holds the International Linguistic Intelligence Development Conference2017-05-18

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  The International Linguistic Intelligence Development Conference was held by the Research Center for Language Intelligence of China (RCLIC) on 10th May morning. The conference was attended by the President, Gong Huili and Vice President Li Youzeng and presided by Mr. Zhou Jianshe, Vice President and Director of the Research Center for Language Intelligence of China as the scientific research base of the State Language Commission.

  The conference attracted scholars from renowned universities like Harvard and Sandford. They had discussions about the development of linguistic intelligence.

  Mr. Li Taihao, a representative of the Institute of International Information Research from the Tokushima University, Japan and a researcher at the Language and Brain Information Engineering Center at Harvard University, presented updates in multi-source imaging technology. Mr. Zhang Jianwei and Mr. Li Deyi, academicians from the Hamburg Academy of Sciences in Germany gave lectures on improvisation. Shi Jinsheng, Deputy Director at RCLIC, shared the progress report. Project teams on intelligent correction for English writing, intelligent checking for Chinese writing, intelligent Chinese writing and intelligent Chinese learning showed their research results. Experts and scholars from home and abroad further indulged in lively discussions about the internationalization of language intelligence and the results proved to be of interest to many of the visitors and guests.