CNY PhD Candidate Ren Yi is Awarded the 12th Chinese College Student of the Year-Nomination Award2017-05-19

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    On April 25, the 12th Chinese College Student of the Year results were declared. Ren Yi, a class 2014 PhD candidate from the College of Art was awarded the Nomination Award. This has set a new record for CNU awards and won an honor for CNU

    Ren Yi’s work has been selected by the national art exhibition and the national youth art exhibition. He also happens to be the youngest member of the Chinese Artists Association. Most of his work exhibits the happy Chinese life and the China Dream, depicting Chinese intelligence and life with sincere shapes and words. His “7:20” was selected by the 4th National Youth Art Exhibition, one of the few by students. And his pieces have won many prizes at national art exhibitions, such as the Modern Fine Brushwork Exhibition and the National Traditional Chinese Painting Exhibition. He painted some pieces that eulogize Chinese people and illustrate ethnic characteristics. His “Dream in Operatic Circle” was selected by the 12th National Art Exhibition, held every five years by the Ministry of Culture and China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and is the biggest and highest-level exhibition in China. His other pieces were collected by the National Grand Theater, the China Modern Fine Brushwork Painting Society and the Tianjin Art Museum. When still in school, he was chosen as a lifetime member by the Chinese Artists Association, from in comparison with the Chinese 80’s painters.

    As an art student, Ren Yi is not just proficient at painting but also devotes as much to academics and has achieved great theoretical results. His academic results were published in core journals such as the “Hundred Schools in Arts” and the “Jiangsu Social Sciences”. He also participated in compiling the book series, “Talk in the Garden”. He co-wrote the textbook series for Beijing Art Education and Teaching Demonstration Base with his tutor. For exemplary studies and great achievements, Ren Yi won the national scholarship thrice. He was chosen as a meritorious student twice in the CNU and in Beijing. He was awarded for being the outstanding graduate in Beijing as well.