Teacher from College of Information Engineering Publishes a Paper about Computer Architecture on Top Journal TPDS2017-04-13

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    One of the top international computer architecture journals , IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems abbreviated as TPDS, has recently published a research achievement online-- On the Implication of NTC vs. Dark Silicon on Emerging Scale-out Workloads: The Multi-core Architecture Perspective. This is the achievement of the leading author, a young teacher, Wang Jing, Associate Professor from the College of Information Engineering, with Professor Zhang Weigong as the corresponding author. IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems is the journal which publishes cutting-edge research achievements in computer architecture and high performance computing. It is also one of the 5 top A-graded journals recommended by China Computer Federation (CCF) within the field.

    Wang Jing’s work analyzes the effects that Near Threshold Computing (NTC) has on emerging scale-out workloads, under the background of the dark silicon era, traditional multi-core processing frame, and cross-connected frame. This paper takes into consideration the function, consumption, effectiveness and reliability, all for the very first time. The research is innovative since it brings out the need to control the proportion of dark silicon, which turn a problem into a technology; and to combine dark silicon with NTC to reduce its consumption. The paper serves as a guide for the chip design of the server at the data center. It also suggests a new way to tackle the issue of consumption wall, which otherwise may hinder the server design. The paper implies that CNU has made a great achievement in high-quality and reliable image data processing, computer architecture and high performance computing.