Academic Paper Published in Advanced Materials, One of Top-notch International Journals, by Graduate Student of Department of Chemistry2017-04-05

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  Advanced Materials, one of the top international materials journals, published on line in December of 2016 the latest research achievement --Patterning Multicolored Microdisk Laser Arrays of Cesium Lead Halide Perovskite--which was made by the research team headed by Prof Fu Hongbing at one of the Key Labs in Beijing for Optical Function Composite and Devices in Beijing Municipality, Department of Chemistry, Capital Normal University. For the resulting research achievement, the leading author goes to He Weixiong, an MS graduate student at the Department of Chemistry of CNU, with Professors Fu Hongbing and Liao Qing as corresponding authors, and the Department of Chemistry of CNU as the first endorser.

  In the research, high density peroskite laser arrays are achieved on the basilar plate by the solution method through the application of the pillar-&-hole patterned PDMS soft template as restricted domain. Multicolored microdisk integrated laser arrays are achieved through the adjustment of halogen components in the material of peroskite. The establishment of the such a method has offered new ideas and methods for the further research into peroskite, a brand new material. The achievement symbolizes that the academic research in the Department of Chemistry has reached the internationally advanced level.

  Published by John Wiley Online Library as one of the top journals in the domain of international materials research (with an influence factor of 18.98 in 2016 ), Advanced Materials exerts great influence on the area of materials research through the publication of important achievements in the study of materials.