Color of Black Ink, One of CNU’s On-Stage Performances, Achieving Great Success in Mexico2017-04-05

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  A culture-and-art team of performers from CNU, who stage the Color of Black Ink, one of a series of “Stage Productions of Chinese Classical Aesthetics”, were invited to stage their show at the cultural exchange between March 10th and 17th of local time to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Confucius Institute of Yucatan Autonomous University, Mexico and the 6th Yucatan International Literary Day.

  Present at the grand event were important guests such as Qiu Xiaoqi, ambassador of China to the Chinese embassy in Mexico; Zhuang Lixiao, Culture Counselor; Deputy Mayor Hugo of the City of Merida; Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the literary Day; President Williams of Yucatan Autonomous University; Director of the Department of Culture, Campeche; and dozens of members of the House of Representatives from the federal government of Mexico as well as more than 3,000 spectators.

  The performing team, consisting of performers from the Conservatory of Music, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Calligraphy Institute of CNU, presented to the Mexican audience the essence of the traditional Chinese culture in the form of music, dancing and calligraphy. The Superb Handwriting Show brought its audience into the mysterious world of the oriental civilization. The Song of Mulberry-Picking, which integrates the music from the Dream of the Red Mansion, one of the audio-video productions of the Chinese classics, into giddy dancing, exhibited to the audience the refined, gentle and kind qualities of the oriental beauty. The Running Script Show, combining the mind-boggling, powerful and gentle music from the masterpiece The Deep Night of the stringed instrument—Peking Erhu with dancing, handwriting and fine-art painting to unveil the signature charisma of the traditional Chinese culture.

  The opening event was live broadcast and covered by almost 40 Chinese and Mexican mainstream news media such as Notimex, Southern TV, Channel 22 of Public TV (Culture Channel), Milenio, Yucatan News, and The People’s Daily.