The Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Xiao Wei 2015-06-25

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Born in April of 1957, Mr. Xiao, a doctorate from Saskatchewan University of Canada, is a professor and doctoral tutor, concurrently Dean of the Institute of Life Science of CNU. Being one of the first groups selected for “the Recruitment Program of Global Experts” by the Central Organization Department in 2009, Mr. Xiao is engaged in the research of ubiquitin. Prof. Xiao tries to find the unconventional ubiquitin process and its related molecular mechanism and tries to study the diagnosis of multiple diseased including cancers and the direct impact through treatment. The autobiography of Prof. Xiao has been recorded in publications like Canada of the Millennium and Who’s Who of Canada. He has received many honorable awards like the best research award of the year of Saskatchewan University. Prof. Xiao has published over 100 academic papers most of which have been carried in the top-notched international academic journals.