The Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Rong Xiaochun2015-06-25

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Born in 1954, Mr. Rong is an expert on Differential Geometry. He is a distinguished scholar of Chang Jiang Scholars by the Ministry of Education. He has been selected for the Recruitment Program of Global Experts by the Central Organization Department. He was invited to deliver a 45-minute report on the International Congress of Mathematicians in 2002. He was the recipient of the famous American Sloan Research fellowships.

Prof. Rong got his under and MS degree after he finished his undergraduate and graduate studies at CNU between the years of 1978 and 1984. In 1990, Mr. Rong got his doctorate at the Stony Brook Institute (Branch) of NY State University. He is now a distinguished professor at CNU and tenure professor at the Math Department of Rutgers University of USA. Being devoted to the research of differential geometry and Lehman Geometry, Prof. Rong has made several fundamental contributions to the domain of the collapse theory and convergence theory of Lehman Geometry and their applications, positive curvature manifold geometry as well as topology. He has published a whole of academic papers in internationally well-known journals like Advances Math, Amer. Math., Ann. of Math, Duke Math. J, GaFa, Invent. Math., and J. Diff. Geom.