The Recruitment Program of Global Experts

Tang Xiaoyan 2015-06-25

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Born in July of 1965, Ms. Tang, a doctorate from Purdue University of USA, is a distinguished professor and doctoral tutor at the Institute of Life Sciences of CNU. A recipient of the Science Foundation of China for Prominent Overseas Youth, she was selected on the Recruitment Program of Global Experts initiated by the Central Organization Development and the Program of Talent Attraction from Overseas by Beijing Municipality. Prof. Tang, with a very high academic position, has made excellent contribution in her research in the areas of plant molecular biology and plant molecular pathology. With the support of funds from United States Department of Agriculture, and those of the National Science Foundation of USA as well as programs of American National Institute of Health and those of Agricultural Committee (Commission) of the State of Texas, Prof. Tang has made extraordinary achievement in her domain of research such as the Basic Plant Molecular Biology, Genetics, Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Functional Genomics. Also she has accumulated rich experience in the research and application of the technologies of agricultural biology. She has published 46 academic papers and specialized books. In addition, she has got a US patent. A lot of her papers have been published in the top-notched world-renown academic journals. Her papers have been quoted over 2400 times, some of which have been repeated for over 100 times.