Distinguished Young Scholars of China

Ge Gennian2015-06-26

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Ge Gennian

Born in February of 1969, Mr. Ge is a distinguish professor, one of the Chang Jiang Scholars of the Ministry of Education; one of the recipients of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars; one of the millions of the national talents; and one of the nation’s outstanding workers of science, who are recipients of special subsidies from the government by the State Council. For a long period of time, Mr. Ge has been engaged in the study of combinatorial math and information safety. He has published over 140 academic papers in such journals as Combinatorial Theory, one of the top-notched publications in international combinatorial math and information science, SIAM Discrete Maths, Journal of IEEE Information, and Journal of IEEE Signal Process. His work has been quoted over 1150 times by SCI. the existing H index is 18. Concurrently, he is the vice chair of Chinese Society of Combinatorics and Graph Theory; vice chair of Graph Theory Combination Branch of Operations Research Society of China. His awards include “Hall Medal”-an international award for academic achievement by prominent youth in the society of combinatorics; a technological award for youth in China; a second-rate award of natural sciences by the Ministry of Education; a second-tare award of science and technology by Zhejiang Province. He is now on the editorial committee for various journals like the international SCI journal-Combinatorial Design, Science of China: Maths, a very influential journal of SCI in China; and Journal of Application Math for Institutes of Higher Learning-a SCI journal in China.