Chang Jiang Scholars Program

Hui Changchang2015-06-26

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Hui Changchang

Born in February of 1960, Mr. Hui, an expert on Algebra, is a distinguished professor of the CNU. He has been selected on the Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, and he is a distinguished professor for the Chang Jiang Scholars by the Ministry of Education. He was once awarded the second prize for technological progress by the Ministry of Education, and the recipient of “the Humboldt Award for Young and Prominent Scholars” of Germany. He is now in charge of some important programs by National Natural Science Foundation of China.

Tutored by C. M. Ringel, one of the internationally well-known Algebraist, Prof. Hui got his doctorate at Bielefeld University of Germany. After that, he stayed at the university to conduct his research of “Algebra Representation Theory”, one of the important DFG programs of Germany. After his return to China, he has worked chronologically at Beijing Normal University as a post-doctorate a professor and a doctoral tutor. He is now serving as editorial for math journals such as J. Algebra, and Arch. Math of the SCI international journals.

Prof. Hui has always been engaged in the research of Algebra Representation and he has made amazing achievements in such areas as Homological Algebra, Cell Cavity Algebra, Export and Stable Equivalence, Unlimited Tilt Theory, Algebra, and K-Theory. He has published over 70 academic papers and has, on many occasions, been invited to speak at the international congress of Algebra. With rich experience in science research and various aspects of international exchange and co-operation, for an example, visits to or co-operations with 18 countries and regions like Germany, Japan and USA for academic exchange, Prof. Hui has been in charge of multiple important and general programs at the national, provincial and ministerial levels.