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Li Huarui2015-06-26

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Li Huarui

Born in February of 1958, Mr. Li studies as an undergraduate and graduate MA (tutored by Mr. Chen Shouzhong), and worked as a teaching assistant between October of 1978 and August 1987 at Northwest Normal University. He studied for his doctorate, tutored by Mr. Qi Xia at the Research Office of the Song Dynasty of the Institute of Social Sciences of Hebei University between September of 1987 and June of 1990. Mr. Li held the following titles of professor at the Institute of History, doctoral tutor, deputy director for Graduate Students’ Section and Dean of the Institute of Humanities and Literature of Hebei University between June of 1990 and August of 2004. In September of 2004, Mr. Li came to work at the Institute of History of CNU. A secondary professor at CNU, Mr. Li was appointed the director of the Center for the studies of Histories of the Tang and the Song Dynasties of CNU in April of 2008. In September of 2012, he became the director of the Editing Department of the Journal of CNU and chief editor of the Section of Social Sciences. He is a member of the Academic Committee of CNU and a distinguished professor on the program for “the Chang Jiang Scholars” by the Ministry of Education. Chronologically from 1996 to 2014, he held the titles of secretary general, deputy director and legal representative of the Society of Research of the History of Song Dynasty of China; a member of the Academic Committee of the Center for the Studies of Ancient Histories of China of Peking University (2001-2009); and guest professor at the History Department of Soochow University of Taiwan (Sept of 2009-Jan of 2010). He also holds the concurrent posts like member of the Review Panel of the Chinese History by the Program of the National Philosophical and Social Sciences, deputy director of the Center of Studies of the West Xia Culture of the Chinese Academic of Social Sciences, counselor of the Special Subject of the Histories of Song, Liao, Jin and Yuan of the copied materials of the Journal of the People’s University of China. In 1996 he was entered for the secondary nominee for the “Program of Millions of Talents” of the nation. In 1999, he was selected one of the prominent youth experts of social sciences of Hebei Province. In 2002, he was a recipient of “Awards for Youth at Institutions of Higher Learning” of the session by the Ministry of Education. In 2002, he was given the title of prominent middle-aged and youth experts of Hebei Province. He was the 2004 recipient of special subsidies of the government by the State Council. He became one of the top-notched new talents for innovation of Beijing Municipality. Since 1982, Mr. Li has been engaged in the studies of histories of Song and West Xia, and History of Chinese Ancient Economy. His published works includes 8 monographs, 7 complied books and 8 co-authored books. Also, Mr. Li has published nearly 200 academic papers in journals at home and abroad, such as The Studies of Chinese History, History Research, Chinese Social Sciences (in English edition), Historiography, History, Literature, and Studies of Chinese History of Economy. He has been put in charge of multiple programs such as the program “Incentive Award for the Teaching and Research by Brilliant Youth Teachers at Institutions of Higher Learning” initiated by the Ministry of Education; general programs, important programs, and major programs, consigned programs of the Foundation of the National Social Sciences; program of top-notched talents-programs of Beijing Municipality for talents and beefing-up teaching; and program of major cultural publishers of the Nation’s 15th 5-year-plan. His major publications include Production and Taxation of Wine in the Song Dynasty (1995), China’s Wine Culture (1995), History of the Relations Between Song and Xia (1998), Essays on History of Song (2001), Research of the History of the Political Reform by Anshi Wang (2004), Studies of the Histories of Song and Xia (2006), Vision, Society and Characters-Thesis on the Studies of History of West Xia (2012), Draft on the Famine Relief in the Song Dynasty (in upper and lower volumes of 2014), and General Histories of Reforms in China-Volumes of South Song and North Song (2002), Origin and Development of the Theory of “the Political Reforms of Tang and Song” (2010). Of all the publications, the History of Relations between Song and Xia and Production and Taxation of Wine in the Song Dynasty were awarded the first and second prizes for excellent achievements in social sciences by Hebei Province. The History of Relations between Song and Xia has been recorded into the “major series of documentations of the Chinese Culture” by the Publisher of Renmin University in 2010.