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Literature Studies in the University of Oxford2015-11-23

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    :  Michael Nicholson

       :  1123日(周一)上午1000

       : 北一区文科楼603学术报告厅

主办单位: 首都师范大学文学院


       Dr. Michael Nicholson worked in the University of Oxford for 30 years. For most of that time he was Tutorial Fellow in Russian at University College, and for five years its Dean. He is now an Emeritus Fellow of the College. Dr.Nicholson began his graduate studies as a comparatist (German and Russian literature), but the bulk of his publications have been on unofficial Russian literature and especially the Gulag theme.He is best known for his work on Aleksandr Solzhenitsy, whom he knew personally. It ranges from the phenomenology of his reception in East and West to textological and bibliographical aspects of his work. Dr.Nicholson has translated several of Solzhenitsyn's writings over the years.