Zhou Jianshe

Vice Prisedent of CNU

Born in July of 1957, Mr. Zhou, PhD, is a professor and PhD instructor and post-doctoral instructor.
The major social titles he holds include: member of the Committee on China National Committee for Terms in Sciences and Technologies; board member of Chinese Linguistics Association; director member of Expert Committee of the Linguistics Committee of Beijing; deputy director of Beijing Linguistics Association; director of the Linguistics Research Center of CNU; chief editor for Languages; part-time professor of Beijing Normal University and Sun Yat-sen University; academic member of the Research Center of the Chinese Language for Aliens of Beijing Languages University, a key Research Center of Research Base on Human Sociological Sciences of the Ministry of Education.

For the past terms he has served as deputy director (running the routines) of the Department of the Chinese Language of Xiangtan Normal University (now named Hunan University of Science and Technology); director of the Propaganda Division of the Party Committee of the University; representative for the 10th Session of the People’s Congress of Xiangtan City; secretary of the Party Committee of the Literature Academy of CNU; director of the Preparatory Office for the Construction of Liangxiang Campus of CNU; and assistant president of CNU.

In 1988, Mr. Zhou got his MA degree after he graduated from the Language Logics Major of Hunan Normal University. In 2002, he was conferred the PhD degree at the Major of Language Philosophy of Wuhan University. Between August of 2000 and September of 2001, he studies as a visiting scholar at University of Kansas and University of Texas. His publications include On the Language Connotations of Logics, Western Studies on Language Connotations of Logics, Language Connotations, Logics and Language Philosophy, and Nous of Linguistics (grammar part). He has contributed more than 60 translated versions and papers to journals like Chinese Social Sciences, Chinese Language, Application of Language Lit and Translated Works of Philosophy. A whole lot of his papers have been forwarded for reprint in journals like New China Digest, Abstracts of Chinese Social Sciences, Academic Abstracts of Literature of Institutes of Higher Learning and Language Lit. He has been put in charge of “studies on the past and present of Beijing Dialect over past 300 years” an important task initiated by the state. Also he has been in charge of the sub-project “of studies on Logical Language Connotations of Natural Language Info Process”, a very important research project of Social Sciences of the state. His other work has included the “examination of nouns of studies of grammar”, an important research project of the social sciences of the state; and “studies on Language philosophy of pre-Qin Dynasty”, an import theme by the Ministry of Education and other 10 projects at the provincial and ministerial levels. He has been the chief editor of Modern Chinese Language, a text book projected by the state “on the 11th 5-year-plan”. He is a leader of the teachers group at the state level on the Chinese language and literature. He has reaped the secondary award on excellent results on the sixth Philosophy and Social Sciences of Beijing City, the first-prize award for great achievement in teaching in Beijing Municipality, and secondary award for the achievement in teaching by the state.